Kalynn Fleischman is a piano teacher and composer with over seven years’ experience composing music and over a decade studying piano. He has participated in numerous composition competitions and his works have been performed in both Europe and the United States. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from Grand Canyon University (GCU). He studied under Dr. Mark Broder (Music Theory) and Dr. Jelena Vladikovic (Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy) while pursuing his undergraduate degree.

At GCU he studied Music Theory I-IV, Counterpoint, Orchestration & Arranging, Private Piano, Piano Pedagogy, and various other music courses. For one and a half years he taught music theory at the University level as a GCU Learning Advocate (LEAD). He has experience with music education, digital music production, MIDI keyboards, recording, video game composition, as well as composition for various styles, genres, and ensembles.

As a piano pedagogue, his primary goal is to train students Classically and to grow their overall understanding of music. Unlike many instructors, his approach is to teach students how to practice, why different pieces are performed with certain nuances, and how to approach all the different building blocks that go into each piece. He recognizes that musical education is proven to improve almost all other areas of education and significantly boosts each students’ development. He helps students form a solid understanding of music rather than have them just learn how to read and play notes. He teaches through asking questions which causes students to form conclusions on their own. Students then develop better problem solving skills, creativity, and musical expressivity.

Broadway and McClintock

Intermediate thru Advanced


Classical, Composition, Jazz, Music Theory

Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe

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2030 E. Broadway Rd.
Tempe, AZ, 85282

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