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If you aren’t a piano expert, it’s hard to know which piano to buy and which piano store to buy from. Not only do we offer a range of used pianos, we are also one of only 3 certified Yamaha dealerships in Arizona to carry new Yamaha upright pianos as well as the high-end Clavinova models.

Try Before You Buy!

If you desire flexible trade up options in case you outgrow your current piano and you prefer to test drive a product before you buy it, you’re on the right website! View All Pianos.

Take Your Piano on a NINE Month Test Drive...You May Just Fall In Love.

  • Pick out a brand name piano
  • Take it home for a few bucks a month
  • Have a bunch of fun
  • Use your credit to buy it, upgrade it or return it later

Family Run & Operated

We are a family run business with 4 generations in the industry. We use our experience to help families and first-time buyers buy a piano in a way that eliminates risk and high upfront cost. Read More About Us

Should I consider a digital piano?


New Digial Pianos | $50 mo

New Acoustic Uprights | $75 mo | $99 mo

Pre-owned Acoustic Uprights | $30 mo | $50 mo | $75 mo

Pre-owned Grand Pianos | Please visit



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The My First Piano Teacher Network is Sponsored By:

  • East Valley Music Teachers Association
  • Desert Valley Music Teachers Association
  • Phoenix Music Teachers Association
  • Arizona Music Educators Association



1818 E Southern Ave Suite 5. Mesa 85204.

There are very few venues available to private piano teachers looking to host a quality recital. The churches, the center for the arts and the college auditoriums all have nice stages and great pianos but they are priced way out of reach for most local performers. The school cafeterias and the local community centers are priced right but there’s no stage and the only piano in the house has been through 10 monsoon seasons since it’s last tuning. Sensing the urgency and the need, My First Piano decided to forfeit some of its retail space, and offer the community a 100 seat acoustic auditorium with a semi-concert grand piano, plush chairs, a 25′ laminate wood stage, custom lighting, and professional recording services for each event. Roughly 20,000 performers and attendees enjoy the use of the space each year

The Piano Revival Project is a team of talented local artists and craftsman who transform average looking pianos into beautiful works of art.

Our address is

1166 S Gilbert Rd Suite 113 Gilbert AZ.

We’re in the Gilbert Town Square back by the movie theater right next to Town Square Dental.
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