Teacher Loyalty Account

Before booking a recital, teachers must create a new loyalty account. Your account will track recital activity, your referral earnings, your redeemable recital credits and allow you to manage your online teacher search profile.

Why Sign Up?

Discounts, donations and credits

In 1926, my family entered the piano business with a passion to promote music education by making great pianos more accessible and affordable for families and first-time buyers. We believe that better pianos make for better musicians but we know how challenging it is for teachers to convince existing students to upgrade from inexpensive keyboards. For teachers with a loyalty account, your student will receive a discount on their purchase, you will receive a cash donation to your studio and we will also issue a free recital credit to your account for every family who buys a piano through us.

Continued access to the recital hall

The recital hall hosts hundreds of teachers and 20,000 attendees per year, but the cost of the new stage, the New Acoustic Yamaha C3 Conservatory Grand Piano, tuning, payroll, and rent, add up to much more than we collect in reservation fees. The reason we’ve been able to offer this service at a loss for over a decade is that it generates exposure for our retail operation, goodwill in the teaching community, and referrals. Your support for the store is appreciated and necessary to keep the recital venue open.

A free “find a teacher” listing on our website.

We have hundreds of new students a year coming through our store. We refer them to the “find a teacher” tab on our website. This free listing is a great way to market your business for free. Even if your studio is full, the exposure doesn’t hurt and you can always recommend other teachers if you don’t have spots available. Thanks for all you do!