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 Mark Conroy currently teaches in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley & Cave CreekWith a spirit of excellence for teaching piano, Mark Conroy is known for cultivating talent in students of all ages. He drives growth development within the student’s own potential.  Musical expression flows in his veins and he loves sharing his passion for lyrical creativity with young people.  He strives to build a fun working environment that inspires effective practice and innovation, offering the tools and support students need and thrive upon. Mark ignites that refreshing focus that makes his students feel as ease and excited about learning.  When taking on a new student, he quickly identifies and analyzes the student’s natural talent and builds a clear vision with a centric focus on the end result.  He understands student’s behavioral issues of all ages and customizes his teaching approach to maximize the innate talent, often times hidden within each individual student. Mark began studying piano at age eight and at age twelve, won 1st Place in the Iowa State Piano Competition.  He then began his studies with concert pianist, Julian Burn of Cornell College. He again won 1st Place in the Iowa State Piano Competition, at age eighteen.  Mark’s technical ability gained him acceptance under concert pianist, Menahem Pressler, international award-winning pianist and founder of the Beaux Arts Trio.  Mark’s studies with Pressler began at the Indiana School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. Mark is also known for his original song writing.  His musical compositions flow with a beauty and intensity rarely experienced in live performance, leaving the audience in spellbound amazement.  His songs are registered with ASCAP and are available on iTunes.   References:Referral written by Kimberly Kur, Sr. Director of Philanthropic Services at the Arizona Community Foundation (602-920-9452)Mark began instructing our son in piano when he was almost 6-years old & has continued with Mark for the last 4-1/2 years. Mark has a deep passion for teaching children not only how to play piano but also to appreciate music and performing. While Mark is there to guide and inspire his students, he also instills in them confidence and a sense of independence. He is patient, flexible and kind in his approach to teaching, but also expects his students to apply themselves, practice daily and be committed to the process of learning. In our case, we have had no problems in getting our son to practice almost daily for the last 4 1/2 years, and we attribute this to: 1) the respect our son has for Mark; 2) the work ethic that Mark has instilled in our son and 3) our son's love of the piano that Mark has played a major role in developing. We appreciate Mark's flexibility with scheduling and being able to come to our home for lessons. He is a joy to work with on all levels and a very special person as well. Mark produces 2 recitals each year, often hosting them in his home with a lovely reception following so that the families have a chance to mingle and enjoy each other. He makes every effort to accommodate all of our crazy schedules because he wants to make sure every student has the opportunity to perform. Students are taught to introduce themselves and share the music they will be playing, and they perform beautifully. All ages and abilities are represented, usually with the strongest performances at the end. Mark's comments are inspiring for both the students and the families and the experience is great for our children. We are beyond thrilled with our son's piano playing under Mark's instruction. We feel Mark has taken our son's natural abilities and helped them to blossom in beautiful ways. We love that our son loves to play and has never waivered in his desire to continue learning with Mark. He has also had the opportunity to perform in 8 piano recitals in his 4 1/2 years of playing which have been amazing growing experiences for him. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being highest, we rate Mark at 10.Sincerely,Kimberly Kur Referral written by Steve Gevirtz,Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild (480-518-3941)Our son began studying piano with Mark Conroy when he was 6 years old and has been with Mark for 8-1-2 years. Mark conducts masterfully detailed lessons capturing the focus of our son's attention. Mark recommended we remain presence during the lessons. As an observer, I became aware that one of the strongest tools employed by Mark is phenomenal patience. He periodically interjects precision feedback with enlivening analogies our son can relate to. The goal of Mark's approach is engineered to enhance confidence and determination. He is most respectful while communicating and immediately earned our son's commitment and our trust. These terms have served to maintain the ideal conditions for enjoyable and efficient mentoring. This musical energy is palpable and easily recognized by other students and parents during student performances at recitals hosted my Mark. Familiar students noticeably continue improving in repertory and technical skills. Also very noticeably, are those students who have been with Mark for two or more years developing unique qualities of artfulness in musical interpretation. It is apparent that Mark will accommodate the diversity of students' musical goals, but has emphatically indicated the necessity of proper technique which eventually yields to all masterful freedom in performance. Mark is a definite 10 on the rating scale. The recital venues are comfortable, inspiring and always feature a finely prepared concert grand piano.Regards,Steve Gevirtz  Referral written by Anita Grossman,Doctor’s wife and parent (Contact info available upon request)My son began lessons with Mark at age 10. He has continued to study with him for the past 5 years. Mark is an excellent teacher. He is an extremely talented professional pianist who is dedicated and creative with his students. Not only does he teach technique, he has taught my son to have passion for music through patience and practice. His teaching strategies are unique to each child. My son has a love of sports, and Mark utilizes sports imagery and psychology to motivate and inspire him. There are two recitals per year at Mark’s studio. The recitals give his students an opportunity to shine, as well as perform publicly. Mark is very supportive and coaches each child on everything from pre-recital practice sessions to introducing themselves to the audience. The recitals are high quality and each student is warmly received. As a result of studying with Mark, my son enjoys playing piano and has mastered complex pieces of music. His piano playing has sparked his creativity and drive to succeed, which has translated to schoolwork and other activities as well. I would highly recommend Mark as a piano instructor, and rate him a “10” on a scale of 1-10.Sincerely,Anita Grossman 

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