Cheryl Studer

The music lessons students receive are based on years of experience in helping all ages learn music by highly effective, motivating and enjoyable methods. Piano lessons from Cheryl Studer will include: 1. Listening to beautiful recordings of piano music in a variety of styles and periods. 2. Reading notes on a staff by recognizing intervals: seconds, thirds, fourths, which enable students to easily develop the ability to transpose to all keys. 3. Singing to learn intervals by associating each interval with a song. 4. Improvising simple pieces by using imagination: place yourself in a forest with birds in the trees. 5. Accompanying other singers or instrumentalists, in order to enjoy music with family and friends. 6. Hearing and recognizing intervals, major and minor, crescendo or diminuendo, and rhythmic patterns. 7. Developing appropriate technique for effective playing such as release of tension, movement from hips, and a flexible wrist to play slurs. 8. Building understanding of written music using theory papers, puzzles, and games. 9. Enjoying the excitement of performing for others: informal (costume party) and formal stage settings. Be sure to view the website for additional information and colorful photos of students enjoying music.

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