Monika Rutkowski-Lamb

I work in a small studio in East Mesa where we teach different instruments and ensembles. I attended Richard Strauss Konservatorium in Munich, Germany with emphasis on Church Music. My primary instruments were organ and piano with a strong secondary emphasis on choral conducting, voice and ensemble. I retired from 30 years in church music filling different positions in Germany, Michigan and mostly here in the East Valley. I have my own business now but enjoy teaching too much on order to give it up entirely. I like to instill in my students a love for music and the instrument they chose. A lot can be accomplished with dilligent practice and exercise and I am a relentless pursuer of perfection in a talented student. As they learn from me I also learn from them and together we can make music that comes from the heart.

Higley/ Main

Beginner thru Advanced


Classical, Ensemble, Jazz, Music Theory


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4930 E. Main St Suite 14
Mesa, AZ, 85205

480-246-3240 (h)

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