Q - What if my piano doesnʼt sell?

A - We will evaluate the pricing structure after 90 days and either drop the asking price, change our marketing approach, or possibly purchase the piano from you.

Q - What fees are paid to My First Piano?

A - We take 35% of the gross sale less the cost of repairs completed (a traditional dealership usually charges 40%-50% in consignment fees).

Q - What if I sell the piano on my own while itʼs in your possession?

A - No problem, just reimburse us for the tuning and moving and we will deliver it to your buyer within 3 days of the sale.

Q - Can I list the piano on your website while itʼs still in my home?

A - Yes! We still go through the process of appraising, tuning and giving it a warranty prior to listing it. Then we get to work finding you a buyer. The selling fee is dropped down to 25% if we sell it out of your home.

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